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What do I Need to Start with Yoga? September 14, 2013

What do I Need to Start with Yoga?
Practicing Yoga
If you are willing to adopt a healthier lifestyle, Yoga is a great discipline where attitude and self motivation are keystones to succeed.
Before you start, here are some recommendations to help you ease your way into this fantastic world.
1. Attend classes regularly and have a professional Yoga instructor guide you in order to learn basic poses and avoid injuries.

2. Breathe, breathe, breathe! Breathing is one of the basic exercises of Yoga practice. Breathing properly will help oxygenate your body and allow you to make the correct postures. A conscious and focused breathing is a welcome challenge, one that with the help of your instructor, you will easily manage.
3. Use comfortable clothing and a towel or mat. A proper attire will make you feel at ease allowing for a better body control. You will also need a Yoga mat which will provide the stability you need when you lay down for your postures.

4. Respect your limits. We know you want to see results right away, but if you notice your body is too tense, you can get injured. Tell your instructor if you feel something different, including feeling dizzy or nausea; he will give you advice on how to feel better and time to rest if you need to.
5. Fast from 2 to 3 hours before a Yoga session. Just as in any other exercise, you shouldn’t eat anything before a class in order to feel lighter and be more focused on your postures. If you are too hungry, have some tea or a homemade juice.

6. Do some research on Yoga. Learn about the different styles and find out which one is fits best your current lifestyle, goals, and interests.
Ready to start? Let’s do some Yoga and start changing your life!
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