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Why Choose Organic Food? November 25, 2013

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Why Choose Organic Food?
Feeling good and willing to be in shape are not modern trends anymore; they are reachable goals if you workout, have willpower, and watch what you eat. Organic food is a great choice to go with your healthy lifestyle, making you feel better and bringing many benefits on the way. Here are some reasons to change to organic food:
- Ecofriendly. Vegetables and legumes are pesticide-free and aren’t irrigated with treated water. They are not harmful to your health and are friendly with the environment.

- Increase body defenses. Eating organic food helps your body improve its immunity system, reducing chances of developing diseases.
- Natural colors and flavors. Organic food has a great appearance, it tastes richer and fresher, and is very colorful. Chemicals reduce flavors and affect their appearance.

- Organic meat. If you just can’t quit meat, there are organic poultry or beef available. Cattle and chicken are fed only with pasture and no growth hormones are involved at any level.
Picture by: The Green Party.