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10 Yoga Benefits November 15, 2013

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10 Yoga Benefits 

Maybe you have listened several good things about Yoga. If you want to know more about yogi lifestyle, here are some reasons to start practicing.

1. Improves your concentration. Practicing Yoga regularly improves your memory which in turn allows you to complete your tasks sooner.
2. Happiness. You will learn to be in harmony with nature and yourself. Happiness is not having things, but a peaceful state within.

3. Makes you healthier. Feeling right starts in your thoughts. If you eat healthier and learn breathing techniques, the chances of getting sick decrease.
4. Have a better posture. Yoga helps you be more flexible and achieve more mobility, making your feel better and healthier.

5. Become disciplined. While practicing Yoga, you will feel in control of your life and strong enough to face every circumstance.
6. Be positive. Start creating that magic circle where your good thoughts reflect on your surrounding; after some time you will feel better and became more spiritual.


7. Lose weight. Doing Yoga will change some of your eating habits and allow you to burn calories while enjoying your sessions.
8. Improve your self esteem. As you go deeper into a yogic lifestyle, you will realize how important a positive spiritual feeling and an even conscience are. You will feel much better with yourself and you will be prepared to improve those aspects of your life that you consider necessary.
9. Stress out. With meditation and breathing techniques, you will soon lower your stress levels; this new state of mind will make you react better through thick and thin.


10. Finding balance. Practicing Yoga will help you maintain a healthy mind, body and soul.
Picture by: Andrew Kalat