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Tips for Beginners November 18, 2013

begin yoga class
Tips for Beginners
You are taking a huge step. You are probably about to start your Yoga Classes, you might have enrolled in a Yoga studio and already met your instructor. You might even have bought your Yoga Mat.


There are some things you must consider while attending your Yoga lessons; the most important ones are trusting yourself and listening carefully to your instructor.
1. In your first session your instructor will guide you depending on your condition and expertise. You should always ask if you have any questions and maintain a positive attitude.
2. Practice Yoga when you feel fit. Remember to always tell your instructor how you feel, or if you have a any medical condition. You can always rest and wait until the next session if you are feeling dizzy or with fever.

3. Don’t be afraid. Position yourself on the first row at least once, this way your instructor can watch you better and you can have a closer view of every exercise. If you need more attention, maybe you should choose a private class.
4. It is better to be barefoot in your Yoga sessions. Some positions require stability over your Yoga Mat and for you to feel confident in every posture. Remember your instructor will be there for you.

5. If you think Yoga is not for you and you’re thinking of quitting, you should first try other styles of this discipline or even attend classes with another instructor. Sometimes these slight changes will transmit a different type of energy and motivation.
Picture by: Krishna Avanti School.