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5 Activities to do With your Significant Other January 6, 2014

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5 Activities to do With your Significant Other
We learned before that there are plenty of benefits from meditating and practicing Yoga. If both of you share a lifestyle, then exercising together will get you closer spiritually. Here are five ideas to spend time together while exercising.
Bicycle. A great exercise that will let you discover new places, breathe fresh air, and release endorphins. If you live in a big city, try going out into the country every couple of weeks making it a way to break your routine. Surely there are many places where you two can go for a ride.
Kayak. If you live close to the beach or near a lake, it could be a funny couple experience. You can start each with their own kayak, and then you can try one for two people. Once you learn to work together, you can experience this in other aspects of your life as a couple.
Dancing. Many people who don’t like dancing, but you can start at home and for short periods of time. At first you will probably laugh a lot and will experience some trouble getting along. If you wish, you can try taking classes together. Working as a team will improve your communication skills and lead you to commit more with each other.
Yoga. With an instructor guiding you and performing the same exercises, synchronizing your breathing will lead you to a different state of mind. You will both enter a similar conscious and relaxation state, that will in turn lead to being in a better mood.
Walking. Just that simple? Of course, but make sure to do it properly. Leave cellphones or iPods at home. Remember this is a “couple time” and you should enjoy each others company, even if you don’t talk. Conversations should avoid couple situations as well as work or household issues. Once you have a joyful stress-free conversation, you will have a different point of view on things that concern you or that are the object of discussions.
Picture by:  Ed Yourdon.