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Yoga Accessories January 8, 2014

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Yoga Accessories
We already gave you some advice on how to choose your Yoga Mat or a proper attire for your sessions. Here are some suggestions on what to get to complement your Yoga Classes. The accessories are linked to the type of Yoga you are practicing.
Blocks. Some positions or Yoga styles require using firm blocks with a soft cover. There are several materials available including cork, high density foam or even recycled materials.
Harness. Sometimes it gets uncomfortable or cumbersome carrying your Yoga Mat. There are many types of harnesses available to hold your mat and carry it with you. It’s a fantastic option if you are taking your sessions on the beach, or if you ride a bike to your Yoga studio or your private instructor.
Eye pillows. A great item for Savasana. There are many materials available and they help you relax. You can choose between cotton or silk, flower-scented or filled with seeds that re-energize during your Yoga session.
Yoga balls. Be aware, not every rubber ball can be used in Yoga or Pilates. These are special and made with a resistant vinyl that doesn’t burst. They are tested to ensure flexibility and to resist an adult weight. If you have kids, buy one for them; they will find it attractive and might even start practicing Yoga with you.
Towels. Even though any kind of towel can be helpful during a Yoga lesson, you can buy one exclusively for your classes. Most of them are microfiber made, especially soft, and dry faster. They are very needful in cold weather where you quickly lose warmth once your session ends.
Picture by: Krista Shirley.