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A Nice Day at the Beach

January 10, 2014
Category Spirit
yoga classes

If you have the privilege of living near the beach or if you go on vacation near a beach area, you surely know how much it revitalizes you. No matter if you are alone, with your partner or family, you can always have a great day!

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Yoga Accessories

January 8, 2014
Category Yoga
yoga classes

We already gave you some advice on how to choose your Yoga Mat or a proper attire for your sessions. Here are some suggestions on what to get to complement your Yoga Classes. The accessories are linked to the type of Yoga you are practicing.

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5 Activities to do With your Significant Other

January 6, 2014
Category Couple
yoga classes

We learned before that there are plenty of benefits from meditating and practicing Yoga. If both of you share a lifestyle, then exercising together will get you closer spiritually. Here are five ideas to spend time together while exercising.

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